Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scene for scene

I'm in the process of fine tuning my manuscript.  In doing so, I've learned a little trick about how to pull it all together.  If you haven't done this, give it a try!  In originally creating my outline, I set it up as follows:
-Chapter-   range of pages - time of day- duration of time-
-plot point
-plot point
-plot point
-scene, setting, page #'s
-additional notes:

This worked out okay, but didn't quite give the in depth I needed.  So here's what worked for me:

-Chapter # - number and describe every scene. 

                 1. Setting-who's in the scene- plot points, if any- if not, briefly describe the action being done or purpose of dialogue.
Repeat, repeat, repeat....Until you've gone through every scene of each chapter.

Writing down scene for scene allowed me to see what was crucial to the story, what could be altered, cut, or expanded on, and helped me tighten up the plot.  Also, I threw in a couple of reminder questions that I go through...to make sure the MC isn't opening an umbrella when it was mentioned three paragraphs ago that it stopped raining.

Questions to ask in each scene:
            -What time is it?
            -What is the length of time?
            -What is everyone wearing?
            -What sounds?
            -What smells?
            -What position are characters in?
            -Is is light/ dark?
            -Background description?
            -Enough details?
            -Too many details?
            -Is everything in the scene necessary?