Friday, June 10, 2011

Are you smarter than a 6th grader?

My daughter's in sixth grade and has a fantastic concept of proper grammar.  Sadly or funny enough, I find myself asking her when I am stuck on punctuation...So, cue FANBOYS:

             Connector clause 1            clause 2                          complex sentence

FOR     He couldn't go home.    He had no place to go.   He couldn't go home, for he
reason                                                                              had no place to go.
AND     I took a taxi.                 She drove home.            I took a taxi, and she drove
addition                                                                             home.
NOR     He didn't want help.     He didn't ask for it        He didn't want help, nor did
not                                                                                   he ask for it.
BUT       I wanted to go late.   She wanted to go on    I wanted to go late, but she
contrast                                   time.                           wanted to go on time.
OR        She cooked dinner.   He took her out to a      She cooked dinner, or he took
options                                 restaurant.                      her out to a restaurant.
YET       She owned a car.  She didn't know how to    She owned a car, yet she  outcome                                drive it.                         didn't know how to drive it.
SO          She had to go.         She called a friend to      She had to go, so she 
result                                    drive her.                       called a friend to drive her.